Buffer Has Scheduled 10M Social Updates And Signed Up 180K Users

When we last covered Buffer, a service for scheduling your social media sharing, the startup had just raised $400,000, and its founders were relocating from San Francisco to Hong Kong due to expiring visas. It sounds like the immigration situation hasn’t been entirely resolved, and most of the team is still in Hong Kong — but on the bright side, Buffer’s growth has continued.

Buffer is designed for marketers and other folks who want to maintain an active social media presence without actually spending every second of their day on Facebook and Twitter. You can load the service up with content that you want to share, then it automatically gets posted throughout the day. Co-founder Leonhard Widrich tells me that on Monday, Buffer posted its 10 millionth update. The service is now posting one update every second.

“To put things into perspective, it took us over 5 months to reach an overall of 100,000 updates sent – which we are now sending out every day,” he says.

That means the content shared on Buffer has doubled since January, when it hit the 5 million update mark. Widrich says that there are two big factors driving Buffer’s growth — the integration of the Buffer sharing button across more than 10,000 sites, and also integration with mobile apps like Pocket (the rebranded version of Read It Later).

Buffer now has 180,000 registered users, Widrich says. As for returning to the US, Widrich says the team plans to make the move back in July.