Apple Stores Continue To Be A Juggernaut, With $4.4B In Revenue, 85M Visitors To Stores In Q2

Apple just reported its second quarter earnings, revealing that the revenue from its Apple Stores was at 4.4 billion, an increase of 38 percent year over year.

Apple stores were responsible for a little over 10 percent of its total $39.2 billion revenue (with $11.6B in profit).  While still impressive the number is a drop from last quarter, where $6.1 billion of Apple’s $46.3 billion in revenue came from its retail operations. Of course this drop is to be expected, as Q1 is traditionally good for Apple, being a holiday quarter.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also revealed that half of the Macs sold in the quarter were to customers that had never owned Macs before and that the average revenue per store was 12.2 million compared to 9.9 million in the year ago quarter. Apple has seen 85m visitors to its 363 stores during this quarter, compared to 71m year over year; on average 18k visitors per store per week.

“We feel very good about our business and new product pipeline …” Cook said, “The new iPad is on fire, and we’re selling them as fast as we can make it.”