Apple Q2 Earnings: Apple Now Has Over $110 Billion In Cash Reserves

Apple has once again beaten analysts’ expectations with its Q2 results out today, and correspondingly the iPhone giant now has an even stronger cash position than it did before: $110 billion in the six months ended March 31, 2012 versus $81.5 billion in the six months ended September 24, 2011.

In cash and cash equivalents the company now has over $10.1 billion; short-term marketable securities are at $18.4 billion; long-term marketable securities are at $81.6 billion. This is a rise in every segment compared to six months ago.

In that earlier period, Apple had $9.8 billion in cash and cash reserves; $16.1 billion in short-term securities and $55.6 billion in long-term securities:

Apple this past quarter announced a share buy back and dividend, its first in many years. This new, even stronger, liquidity will likely bring even more attention on the question of what Apple will/should/could do with all that money.

Update: On the call Apple reiterated it would be paying out a dividend of $2.55 per share beginnning in the September quarter.