Windows Phone Exec Gavin Kim Has Left Microsoft For Security-Focused NQ Mobile

Gavin Kim certainly knows how to keep things interesting. After spending years at Samsung and winding up as the company’s VP of Content and Services, Kim jumped ship to take point on Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketing efforts only to resign his post after five months.

So what greener pastures has tempted Kim this time? As it turns out, he has found himself a new home at NQ Mobile (formerly known as NetQin), a provider of mobile security services and applications where he will fill the newly created Chief Product Officer post.

Interestingly enough, Kim is the latest in a line of high ranking former Samsungers to make the switch to NQ Mobile. Ex-Samsung VP of Strategy Omar Khan was was tapped just a few months ago to become the company’s co-CEO alongside company co-founder Henry Lin, and one-time Samsung PR head Kim Titus recently joined up as NQ’s director of communications.

It may seem like something of step down — going from the likes of Samsung and Microsoft to a mobile security firm without much of a presence here in the United States. NQ Mobile pegs their mobile security application as being the most widely-used in the world (thanks in part to their huge presence in China), and with these recent staff additions in place it looks like NQ Mobile is gearing up to tackle that problem head on.

A representative for the company tells me that part of that strategy going forward is to take a page of the company’s Asia-focused playbook and build upon “OEM and carrier relationships” in the States. Considering that Kim has had experience working with major hardware manufacturers as well as wireless carriers, he seems like a strong choice to push NQ forward, though only time will tell if they pick up the traction they need to compete. The mobile security place is one occupied by plenty of big brands, and Lookout in particular looks like a savvy competitor — they’ve already locked down partnerships with carriers like T-Mobile USA and Deutsche Telekom.