Wake Up, Sheeple: Samsung Hypes Next Galaxy S Smartphone

The best way to get someone to spread your dumb video is to include something controversial. That’s day one material in Viral YouTube Marketing 101. And so, Samsung, clearly a graduate of said class tapped that knowledge and took a shot at iPhone users, somewhat calling them sheep for using the same phone as everyone else. Funny? Only in the sense that this lame jab is the high point of an otherwise humdrum video spot. Seriously, this might be the worst teaser in the history of teasers.

Samsung is gearing up to launch the next generation Galaxy S smartphone on May 3rd at a London event. Rumors have speculated that this phone will pack a quad-core CPU, come encased in a ceramic bezel and, like other recent Samsung smartphones, rock a massive screen. And, if this teaser is to be believed, Samsung hopes to sell a very limited number of these phones to prevent owners from feeling like sheep, mindlessly following trends and looking like everyone else.