Is T-Mobile Getting The Samsung Galaxy Note?

Even though I think it’s way too big for the average human, Samsung’s Galaxy Note is doing quite well since its debut in January at CES. In fact, Samsung has sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note thus far, which comes out to about 1 million Notes sold per month. But could it be selling better?


The phablet is only available at AT&T with a rather steep $299 price tag, but that may be changing soon according to TmoNews.

The site stumbled upon a listing for a Samsung product with the model number SGH-T879. Usually that T and the following 8×9 refer to tablets, but the resolution given alongside the listing is 800×1280. To be clear, the GalNote is the only Samsung device with that resolution, and the fact that 800 comes before 1280 likely suggests that this is a device meant to be held in portrait, not landscape. You know, like a phone.

That speculation on its own is shaky, to be sure, but then TmoNews got a hold of some screenshots that are reportedly taken from a T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note. The shots show Android 4.0, the same build number as AT&T’s Galaxy Note, running on the same model number as listed above, SGH-T879.

And to make matters a tad more solid for you, GigaOm noticed that one of the screenshots displays an icon for T-Mobile’s Name ID service. Of course, we don’t know anything for sure until T-Mobile hits us with a press release, but I’m feeling confident that this is for real.

The device will likely employ T-Mobile’s 21Mbps or 42Mbps HSPA+ network, which means it won’t have LTE proper but should still be speedy enough for you big-handed data fiends.