Live From The First Ever MamaBear Family Conference

Because I’m so clearly ready to settle down and have a family, I am at the first ever 500Startups MamaBear Family conference in Mountain View today, watching a group of talks from family-oriented startups and people who have experience with family-oriented startups — like Wittlebee‘s Sean Percival and mama-entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg.

Yesterday I was totally ready to remove my uterus, but today my biological clock is all “Ring the alarm!” now that I know that the mom space = major moola (that sounds really gross actually, sorry). If you too are itching to go beyond the social photo sharing black hole and build something useful for families and chillens, watch the Livestream above for tips and tricks.

Full schedule here (the livestream will revert to the full conference once today’s talks are over).