Kids Send 3D GoPro Cameras Into Space, Get Back Stunning Footage


Whip out the out the old anagylphs, folks, because you’re going to want to watch this. Some kids at the Wonderland Elementary School sent up a weather balloon mounted with a carbon fiber frame carrying six GoPro HDHERO2 cameras. Four of the cameras were set in 3D configuration and, after editing, they were able to create the first stratospheric 3D video shoot using a balloon. You can watch it in YouTube with red/blue glasses.

The resulting footage, while fun, is actually a testament to the durability and low price of modern HD cameras. I remember shooting Estes rockets with a tiny camera in the nose to get blurry photos of my friends standing on the ground. Now you’re literally taking in hours of HD video data. In space.

You’ll also notice they attached a model of Space Battleship Yamato in front of the cameras. In layman’s terms, they did this because that ship is badass.