Deliver The Love With Mmmule: Let Strangers Carry Things To Other Places For You

I had to start braising the beef, pork butt and veal shanks for the tomato sauce. It was Michael’s favorite. I was making ziti with the meat gravy and I’m planning to roast some peppers over the flames and I was gonna put on some string beans with some olive oil and garlic, and I had some beautiful cutlets that were cut just right, that I was going to fry up before dinner just as an appetizer. So I was home for about an hour. Now my plan was to start the dinner early so Karen and I could unload the guns that Jimmy didn’t want, and then get the package to the courier to take to California for her trip later that night.

These Mmmule guys are pretty good. You sign up on a website and then you tell them what you want carried where. The guys in Pittsburgh needed the stuff I was shipping in, just as the middleman, from Colombia so I found a kid who was going there from Newark. I told him it was a packet of flower seeds for my Aunt. So when the kid gets to Pittsburgh he meets Louie there who takes the package from him, tests it in the car, and then gives the kid a coupon for a free sandwich down at this place Primanti Brothers and takes him on the Incline. No money ever changes hands and the kid doesn’t know anything about anything.

As soon as I got home I started cooking. I had a few hours until the flight. I told my brother to keep an eye on the stove. All day long the poor guy’s been watching helicopters and tomato sauce. You see I had to drive over to the Mmmule’s place, drop off the stuff, and then get back to the gravy.

The California Mmmule wanted a free tour of the city when she lands in exchange for taking a pound of cut heroin to my contact in San Francisco. The Frisco guys would take her out, up and down that street with the hills, and maybe on the cable cars. Nobody had to whack anybody with a set-up like this.

A lot of people on the site are asking for little stuff – Paw Paw ointment or some kind of soaps you can only get in France – but me and the guys figured that if these Mmmules were willing to go out of their way to carry something to somebody for a cup of coffee, it was too good to pass up. You can sign up free and they don’t hassle you or nothing and they don’t give your name to the cops, even if the cops ask for it. Sweet deal.

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