CloudFlare Wants to Make Your Site Look Like A Billion Bucks With Instaflare

When Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion earlier this month, quite a few pundits were left wondering if Facebook hadn’t overpaid for the photo-sharing service. Another company that is currently rumored to be raising funding at a $1 billion valuation is CloudFlare. The service, which promises to protect websites from security threats and helps speed up loading times in the process, launched a little riff on the rumors around its valuation today – and is making some fun of Instagram in the process – by launching Instaflare. With Instaflare, website owners on the CloudFlare network can apply five Instagram-like filters to the images on their sites with just one click and make their photos look “like a billion bucks.”

The Instagram joke here and the riff on the company’s $1 billion valuation, is pretty obvious. There is more to Instaflare than that, though. As CloudFlare’s CEO Matthew Prince told TechCrunch alumn Paul Carr, what CloudFlare really wanted to show here was that it could add a simple feature like this in less than a day. For the most part, then, Instaflare is really just a way to advertise the company’s new developer platform, which it is launching today.