Le Web London Goes Faster Than Realtime – Grab Your TC Discount Here

‘Allo my Breeteesh chums! If you have not been to Le Web before, zen zis is pour vous!

Le Web is possibly Europe’s oldest, and certainly its biggest tech startup conference, running for many years in December in Paris. Because of organiser Loic Le Meur’s connections in Silicon Valley it regularly brings the creme de la creme of the Valley to Europe every year. It’s now adding a London conference (19-20 June) to its schedule and even attracting the likes of Michael Arrington, TechCrunch Founder and Crunchfund partner, to London. If I recall correctly, the last time he was here was 2006 – I know because I was there, in the same pub. So, now consider yourself educated about Le Web! Here’s how you can get a discount and enter the startup competition.

The theme for LeWeb London will be “Faster than Realtime” and the startup competition is now open. You can register your startup for free.

As Loic tells me “we like to do things well.” That means you can expect high production values, and an amazing live stream that is archived in HD, check out youtube.com/leweb.

Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid has produced a tailor-made sketch around the theme, check it out below.

Readers of TechCrunch can claim £100 off the regular LeWeb London ticket price by applying the discount code TECHCRUNCH at check-out when purchasing.

The startup ticket price is £750 on request on the site. Not bad for a two day conference, international speakers, food, top venue, drinks, wifi, live stream etc.

Check out details of the LeWeb London start-up competition here and apply here.

We’ll be there so see you then!

Here’s Loic: