Launches Daily Deals; Offers Price Guarantees On Select CE, Home Appliance Purchases, the shopping search site for consumer electronics and home appliances founded by former Farecast engineers, is now putting its money where its mouth is, so to speak. The service, which helps consumers know whether to “buy” or “wait” when researching items like laptops, phones, TVs, washers and dryers, wants to make it easier to trust its recommendations with the launch of a price guarantee.

With Decide’s new “Got Your Back” program, if you click to buy an item the service recommends and the price drops within two weeks, the company will automatically send you a payment for the difference.

To be clear, the guarantee doesn’t apply to everything across’s website, only its hand-picked daily deals found at¬† This section of the site will showcase ten backed deals every day, based on record-low pricing and the company’s confidence that nothing will change in the short-term. The deals will be online for up to 24 hours, or until a specified number of allocated “buys” for each guaranteed deal are reached.

(It seems Decide is somewhat hedging its bets with that last one – just in case prices do drop, it’s limiting the number of payouts it would have to make).

Consumers who buy one of these deals have to go through a couple of steps to ensure their deal is tracked for price changes. They must send in a copy of their receipt to Decide, and provide “proof of purchase” – that is, a photo of them holding the product in question.

If the price drops – and not just on the original seller’s site, but at any participating retailer – Decide will then alert the buyer automatically and pay the amount of the price drop, up to $200. The payments are sent out either via PayPal or check.

The program is sort of an odd one for, as it isn’t a retailer itself, where such price guarantee programs are typically found. Decide is just a shopping resource which connects consumers to retailers through the use of algorithms that track pricing¬†fluctuations, news and historical data to determine whether it’s a good time to buy an item.

Decide is kicking off the launch today with ten deals, which include a laptop, camera, smart TV, printer, juicer, fridge and more.