Rewinery Now Shipping To San Francisco, Potentially My Liver

We first heard about Rewinery through a stray tweet from Instagram co-founder (and fellow Brazilian) Mike Krieger. Because it was late at the office, and we were working on culling TechCrunch Disrupt finalists, we thought that having three bottles of wine delivered to TechCrunch headquarters sounded like just about the best thing in the world ….

Except we (okay, who the fuck am I kidding here with this “we” shit? I…) didn’t quite fully understand the magnitude of disruption in the “getting alcohol delivered to you quickly” space. Rewinery was sold out! Okay I guess that’s a good sign for them and probably a good thing for me too because I’ve been making Disrupt decisions sober (we’re still looking at applications, so apply here if you get inspired by this, BTW).

And because Rewinery cares about customer service they me sent the wine anyways, this morning. And after trying a sample glass or four with my teammates we’ve decided that this is probably the best startup in the whole world, barring that one that lets you connect with friends and family and share photos and stuff. And also that other one with the birds. That one is pretty good.

Because who the heck doesn’t like to get drunk for cheap good wine? If you live in San Francisco (and soon NY, Boston, Seattle, Dallas and New Orleans), the service allows you to order a threesome of local boutique wines and have them delivered to you in about an hour. And because of some weird thing they do with the labels, pricing is at a 60% discount at $40, or at $35 if you tweet, Facebook share, or Google+ the site, which probably explains Krieger’s tweet. ;)

Founded by Brazilians Joana Kollier and Paulo Lerner, Rewinery has been around for two months and is obviously seeing a lot of demand I’m guessing, as they ran out of wine late last night (they usually go until 2am). But seriously though, this mother helps people get quality drunk, quickly, what’d you expect?

Almost too good to be true if you think about it.

Editor’s note (wow, I can really write that shit legitimately now): This is an homage to another post that was seriously the most beautiful writing we had on the site today. I can’t even begin to do it justice.