The Noteboard Is An Amazing $10 Foldable Pocket Whiteboard

Traditional whiteboards are great for nearly everything but portability. Scribbling down physics problems? Sure. Impromptu game of tic-tac-toe? Of course. Folding up and putting it in your pocket? Not really possible with a normal whiteboard. But the Noteboard isn’t a normal whiteboard. It’s a dual-side, foldable whiteboard that might just change the world (but probably not).

When unfolded the Noteboard is about the size of 27 notecards but it collapses into a pocket-friendly package. The Noteboard costs just $10 and includes a band to keep the whole thing together along with a black whiteboard marker. Sure, you could probably make one yourself, but not for $10.

As the creator notes on the website, the Noteboard is a great alternative to tablets and even paper. What he doesn’t mention is that whiteboard markers can be pretty messy at times, leaving behind a sort of greasy junk. However, for $10, it could be a novel tool for the constant note taker, occasional scribbler or the start-up founder desperately brainstorming ideas for a pivot.