One More Time: Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?

The amount of leaks, rumors and hype around the Samsung Galaxy S III are reaching iPhone-ish proportions. Consumers obviously want this phone. The latest set of alleged pics show a phone clearly born of Galaxy S pedigree but there’s no way of knowing if they’re the real thing.

The picture quality is of course a bit bad. It looks like it was taken with an iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab. Either way, the phone in question arguably matches up with the design cues of current Samsung devices albeit one a bit farther down the evolutionary trail.

It shows a larger screen — it might be bigger than the Galaxy Nexus — along with a front facing camera and slightly different bezel design. Gizmodo Brazil also notes that the upcoming phone will have a 12MP rear-facing camera — we heard 8MP previously.

So is this the real McCoy? I sadly have no idea, friends. As Jordan pointed out last week, there have been a large number of supposedly Samsung Galaxy S III leaks over the last few months and none of them look the same. That said, these pics look the most legit yet.