Cloud Emailer Mailjet Hits 1 Billion Emails Sent, Launches Apps For Tracking Emails In Real Time

Mailjet, a cloud emailing service for tracking marketing and transactional emails, has just launched a mobile application for its business customers offering real-time email tracking. Within the mobile application, users can monitor email deliveries, plus keep an eye on metrics like bounces, opens and clicks.

The company, which just rolled out a new version of its platform a couple of weeks ago, is also announcing today that it nearing 1 billion emails served.

For those unfamiliar with Mailjet, the startup is taking on more established and VC-backed players like SendGrid, Postmark, and Mailgun, to name a few. The service targets businesses who need to buy or rent SMTP email servers, by offering a cloud-based solution. Emails sent out through Mailjet are tracked in a number of ways, including through the use of specialized links, transparent images that tell Mailjet how many times it was displayed, through the analysis of SMTP exchanges for bounces and deliveries, and more.

Mailjet is one of the first companies in this space to add a mobile app (for iOS and Android) which allows customers to track their emails while on the go. The app requires a Mailjet account to use, of course, but it’s a freemium service if you’re interested in testing it out. Included in the app are tabs featuring the email feed, campaign activity, analytics and personal settings.

The company, based in France, also recently went global, with the opening of offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin and Madrid. Mailjet raised a small round of 180,000 euros from Brussels-based eFounders back in December and now reports having nearly 10,000 active users on its platform (up from 3,000+ in December).

Correction: Mailjet is nearly at 1 billion emails, but hasn’t quite hit the number yet.