Calling All Startups: TechCrunch New York Just Posted Office Hours

The other day, I had the idea to open up Office Hours here in New York. And when I say “I had the idea,” I mean that I stole it from Mike Butcher who had the brilliant plan to do the same thing in Europe.

There’s no reason to get all long-winded, so I’ll just hit you with the specs.

First, this isn’t a panel or wonkathon or even a formal interview. This is a chat with myself and John Biggs, East Coast Editor. Maybe you have some news to tell us, or maybe you just want TechCrunch to know that your startup exists. In fact, you may just want a little feedback. Whatever it is, we want to talk to you.

After John and I took a road trip to DC, Norfolk and Richmond to meet-up with entrepreneurs in the area, I’m basically champing at the bit to see what you New York-based geniuses have in store for the world.

Here’s the plan:

Our first session will be relatively low-key, at The Grey Dog located at 90 University Pl. at 12th St. on Wednesday, April 25.

The first session will begin promptly at 2:30pm and last until 4:30pm. You can sign up for a 20-minute slot here. The second session will be on Wednesday, May 9 at a location TBD.

UPDATE – We’ll run two concurrent meetings. You can sign up for the second meetings here.

So who’s down?

You can also follow John and I on Twitter at @jordanrcrook and @johnbiggs.