Analysis: Chinese PC Market Will Grow 12% In 2012

If you were wondering where all the PC growth was, look East, young person. IHS, formerly iSuppli, expects that desktop sales will rise 8% and Ultrabook sales will take up 15 to 20 percent of notebook shipments. Windows 8 and Intel’s Ivy Bridge are to be driving factors in PC growth this year.

In comparison, IDC found that 2011 PC shipments shrank in Europe and the United States by 9%.

Lenovo is still the number one PC maker in China, followed by Acer. HP has declined to fifth place with 5.3% market share.

IHS doesn’t really break out Apple sales vs. Windows but knowing the penchant for Made in Cupertino over there, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were high on the list.

“And amid a period of slowing PC sales growth worldwide, China’s consumers and businesses continue to generate healthy increases,” said Elaine Zhi, IHS analyst.

Enterprise around the world still hasn’t hit the refresh button on their internal IT so it’s clear that things probably won’t change much until after Windows 8 launches. Considering most machines made in the last six years can run just about any heavy duty app thrown at them – my own Mac Pro is from 2008 and it runs like a clock – there’s little need to upgrade. That will change when Snow Lion obsoletes a number of Mac models while Windows 8 potentially forces a move toward touchscreen devices.