Another Siri-Like App, Voice Answer, Hits The App Store For Those Of Us Without The iPhone 4S

Looks like Apple might be loosening its grip even more on voice recognition apps? Or, it simply just feels that the competition is not as good as its own native Siri. We've just gotten word from Nethe

Kixeye Is The Lucrative Dark Horse of Facebook Gaming

While Zynga and other gaming companies seem to be doing everything possible to claw their way off the Facebook canvas, at least one San Francisco company is still in. Big time. With just shy of 5 m

Dorsey Pitching Square At $4B Valuation To Legg Mason, Fidelity And Other Institutional Investors

Payments company <a href="">Square</a> is raising another major round of funding, but is targeting institutional investors first because of the enormous size of the round, we hear

With Help From Facebook Timeline, Viddy Becomes Top Free iPhone App

With the skyrocketing popularity and <a href="">billion-dollar sale of Instagram</a>, there's an ongoing race to appl

It’s Not About Instagram, It’s About Mobile

It has been more than a week now, but <a target="_blank" href="">Techmeme today</a> is dominated by Instagram related headlines. <a target="_blank" href="http://onlin

Facebook Targets May 17th For IPO Date

This just in: According to multiple sources close to the company, Facebook is eying IPO on May 17th -- depending on whether the SEC agrees that all the reams of paperwork are in order.  This is in li

MoveInsure Aims To Be Esurance For The Moving Industry

Believe it or not, <a href="">37 million Americans</a>, or about 16 million households, pick up and move every year. Depending on whom you

Here, Waste The Evening: Prince Of Persia Source Code Posted To Github

It's not every day that you see code like this: <div style="margin-left:30px;margin-right:30px;padding-left:15px;border-left:3px solid #ccc;font-style:italic;">*------------------------------- * S

Update Your Draw Something App To Chat, Save Drawings, Share ‘Em To Facebook and Twitter

Tell your friends to hit the App Store or Android market, there's a <a href="">new update for Draw Something</a> out today with some cool new features. Now you can chat

Jumala Aims To Be An Unboring Minecraft

While I seriously doubt the staying power of this game platform, the concept is pretty cool. Called Jumala, this free-to-play online game allows players to stop the action mid-game and flip things aro

Gaopeng, Groupon’s Flagging Effort in China, May Be Headed For A Merger with FTuan

<em>This post is contributed by Ben Jiang, editor of <a href="">TechNode</a>, a bilingual blog based in China.</em> <a href="">Gaopeng</a>, a joint vent

Scribit Digs Up Content For Your Content Marketing

If you're an entrepreneur struggling to find the time or inspiration to udpate the company blog, a new service called <a href="">Scribit</a> offers a solution. Scribit was de

Google Pumps Up Their Cloud Print Service With New FedEx Partnership

The amount of harried printing situations I've been party to has dropped dramatically since I finished school, but Google's new update to their <a href="

More Than 200K Merchants Have Signed Up For PayPal Here

During eBay's <a href="">earnings call today</a>, eBay CEO and President John Donahoe said t

Facebook Revamps Preferred Marketing Developer Program To Make It Easier To Find “Real” Social Media Experts

Facebook doesn't want your company to get burned by shady "social media gurus", so today it expanded its Preferred Developer Consultant program into the new <a href="

One More Time: Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?

The amount of <a href="">leaks, rumors and hype</a> around the Samsung Galaxy S III ar

T-Mobile Announces The HTC One S: $199 On-Contract On April 25 (Hands-On)

It's only been a few short hours since <a href="">AT&T announced the availability of HTC's mamma-jamma One

eBay Beats; Q1 Revenue Up 29 Percent To $3.3B; Net Income Up 20 Percent

eBay just <a href="">reported</a> stronger than expected first quarter 2012 earnings today. Revenue incr

Web Dev Education Startup Treehouse Raises $4.75M From Chamath And Greylock

Web design and development community <a href="">Treehouse</a> has just secured $4.75 million in funding from Chamath Palihapitiya's<a href=""> Social+Capital pa

Facebook Ads Can Now Be Optimized To Drive Any On-Facebook Action, Such As In-App Purchases, Shares, Offer Claims

Marketers don't actually want clicks, they want the downstream conversions and the return on investment that follow. So today Facebook begins allowing advertisers using its API to ask it to show their
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