VenueSeen: Social Media Monitoring Via Photography

VenueSeen launched their new platform today that lets businesses aggregate location specific sentiment, via social photography. What does that mean in layman’s terms?

It means this startup company will monitor and identify any shared photos that a consumer takes inside a place of business. If the photos are shared via Instagram, Foursquare, Foodspotting or Facebook then VenueSeen can tabulate and send reports about those photos to a subscribing business, complete with comments.

The service meets business demand for this information, as analytics like this are not currently supported by all these networks, with this degree of granularity.

“Until now” says creator Brian Zuercher, “the general public has been unable search geotagged Instagram photos. From coffee shops and restaurants … to attractions and retail locations – photos and comments are forming a brand’s social identity. VenueSeen’s dashboard reveals who is posting what about a brand on Instagram, Foursquare and Foodspotting.”

“The benefit” continues Zuercher, “is that one-off shops up to large retail chains can learn about who is sharing photos and comments (positive or negative) inside their business locations.”

Essentially, this is real-time Social Media management/monitoring with the added benefit of photography and brands can choose to re-share these photos through their own social properties, if so inclined.

Currently, I am guessing this kind of information is largely compiled by interns or social media teams at larger business — perhaps by owners themselves at smaller venues. Either way, someone needs to be staffed for it if you are interested in collecting this info.

Rates for the service are $20 per month for single locations (store, bar, museum, etc.) and $40 per month for up to five locations. Larger chains require consultation.

I wonder how a service like this could fit in with Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram. Could this reporting structure become more valuable as a partial revenue model for Instagram? I’m just thinking out loud here.