Is The Lumia 900 Headed To T-Mobile?

The Lumia 900 is an excellent handset, whether or not European carriers like it.

But it’s hard to imagine how Nokia and Microsoft plan to achieve a high level of penetration with the phone on a single carrier (AT&T).

Luckily for the partnership, it would seem as though T-Mobile will be getting the Lumia 900 over the course of the summer as well. Andrew Bares over at WMPowerUser sauntered in to a T-Mo store today and a sales rep told him “without interrogation” that the “Lumia 900 will be coming to T-Mobile this summer.”


There had been rumors that the phone was only an AT&T exclusive for the first 45 days of its availability. But, hearing that a T-Mobile rep was confident in the Lumia 900’s arrival on T-Mo is a bit of a confirmation.