Gnip Signs Deal To Syndicate Tumblr Firehose

Social data startup Gnip has scored another impressive partnership — it says it’s the first company to syndicate the full firehose of content from blogging service Tumblr.

Gnip is probably best-known for being the first authorized reseller of the Twitter firehose, but it also offers data from Facebook, Google+, Disqus, WordPress, YouTube, and more. So what does Tumblr add to the mix? (Besides hipster puppies, that is.) President and COO Chris Moody tells me via email:

Tumblr is a rich medium for longer-form content that has seven different options for what users can post. As a result, Tumblr is incredibly visual but also offers an immense amount of text based content (5 million text based posts per day).

In these posts, we see conversations happening on Tumblr that aren’t happening elsewhere on topics that aren’t typically discussed on other platforms. For Land Rover, that was a picture they posted that received 5,000 notes on Tumblr and almost no notice anywhere else. For Urban Outfitters, it was a picture a photographer posted of a piece from one of their new collections that received over 1,000 notes and almost no mention elsewhere.

For brands, these viral activities matter a lot in areas like product development and brand management.

The company sells this data to enterprise customers, who can use it to build social media monitoring tools or to inject social content into their products. Gnip says it’s now delivering more than 90 billion social media activities each month, up from 30 billion in November.