Video Conferencing Platform Blue Jeans Lands Major Reseller Deal With InterCall

Blue Jeans Network, an enterprise video conferencing solution to integrate across many platforms, is announcing a major reseller partnership with Intercall, one of the largest audio conferencing and collaboration services vendors.

Dubbed “any(ware) video conferencing,“ Blue Jeans Network bridges together conferencing technology from Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize with consumers platforms such as Skype and Google Talk. Remote workers, travelers and telecommuters with access to Skype and a video-enabled desktop or mobile device, can participate in video meetings with their colleagues on traditional enterprise video conferencing equipment.

Blue Jeans Network users each get a private “meeting room” in the Blue Jeans cloud that they can use to schedule, host, and manage meetings. Participants join meetings by simply dialing a number or clicking on a link from their systems, whether that be Skype or Tandberg.

Through this partnership with Blue Jeans Network, InterCall will resell Blue Jeans’ product to its customers. While Blue Jeans has reseller agreements with other providers such as Deutsche Telecom, this is the largest partnership to date, says the company.

Currently, Blue Jeans Network, which has raised $23.5 million in funding, says that InterCall did 20 billion audio minutes in 2011 from customers, which is 25 percent of the total of 80 billion audio minutes worldwide.