Samsung To Reveal The ‘Next Galaxy’ Phone On May 3 At London Event

After months of waiting (not to mention plenty of conflicting reports), Samsung may have finally revealed when they plan to unveil their long-awaited Galaxy S III.

According to a press invitation that has been making the rounds since early this morning, the Korean company will be pulling back the curtains on a new Galaxy handset in London on May 3.

Samsung is as vague as usual here — they make it a point not to name the device specifically, referring to it simply as the “next Galaxy.” That hasn’t stopped we members of the tech press from attempting to dissect the invitation anyway (my goodness, there are three paint slotches on the invitation!).

As such, it’s technically possible that Samsung could unveil some random new addition to the Galaxy line, though I’m pretty sure at least a few mobile geeks would snap after having their chains yanked for so long.

If this does end up being the Galaxy S III — that seems to be what we’re all thinking, anyway — we’ll soon find out what exactly Samsung has deigned to include in it. So far the rumor mill has pointed to ceramic cases, 1080p displays, and quad-core CPUs as likely inclusions, though I’m really looking forward to seeing which of the recently “leaked” images ends up looking most like the real deal.

And hey, if you’re not exactly comfortable planning a last minute trip to London so see the announcement in person, Samsung has you covered — they’ll be livestreaming the event from starting at 2PM Eastern.. In the meantime though, expect a flurry of specious leaks to keep your Galaxy S III appetite whetted over the next 17 days.