Inside Founders Den, The Invite-Only Clubhouse For Tech Entrepreneurs [TCTV]

Founders Den, the “private clubhouse for entrepreneurs” based in downtown San Francisco, celebrated its first anniversary back in January. Now that the invite-only tech startup coworking space is starting to see its third generation of inhabitants (Founders Den houses each company for six months at a time), TechCrunch TV headed over to the Den to get an updated first-hand look at how things are humming along these days.

In the video embedded above, you can get a look at the Founders Den space and watch our interview with Zack Bogue and Jason Johnson, two of the Den’s four managing partners. Bogue and Johnson are both entrepreneurs in their own rights, so it was interesting to get their insights on the vibe they’ve tried to cultivate at the Den, the current “fervor” around Internet startups, why experienced entrepreneurs who could easily afford their own office space are still drawn to coworking environments, and general industry news such as the new crowdfunding bill.

And in the video embedded below, you can see pitches from the founders of three current Founders Den companies — Ruzwana Bashir of stealth travel app Peek, Jamie Davidson of high-end restaurant reservation app PrimaTable, and Michael Seibel of mobile video shooting, editing and sharing app Socialcam.