Google Drive Lives: Google Drive App Found

If you needed any more proof that Google Drive was alive, look no further than this screenshot of the OS X app. I’ve been able to download and run the app and it is currently idle, sitting quietly in the corner, unable to connect to the mothership.

The version we were given is 1.0.2891 and seems to run without issue. I was able to log in using my Gmail account and I suppose I’ll have to wait to play with it further. It currently throws an error stating that “Google Drive is not yet enabled for your account.”

Though not definitive proof that the service will launch next week, it’s clear that this is a full, working app. I dug around a bit in the files and found that there is native support for Google filetypes like files produced in Gdraw and Google Docs.

The tipster pointed us to a URL to download a .DMG package. This app came directly from Google.

The news broke earlier today stating that Google was set to launch the much-rumored Google Drive service as early as next week. The service is said to offer 5GB of storage space although that is also an unconfirmed rumor.

At this point the app is pretty much useless. It seems Google needs to activate the service from their end in order to enable the functionality. But it’s just one more piece of the Google Drive puzzle.

Thanks for the tip, anonymous!