Blinksteady: The Bike Light Apple Would Make If Apple Made Bike Lights

When’s the last time you really splurged on something for your bike? The old girl gets you around town, puts up with your ridiculous maintenance regimens, and shifts and rattles in just the right way to get you up and down the hills of your borough. Why not show her you love her and, thanks to Blinksteady, put a ring on it.

The Blinksteady is the world’s smartest bike light (citation needed). It turns on when it’s dark and turns itself off when your bike is stopped. You no longer have to reach back to turn on your light when dusk turns to night and, better still, you never have to risk being hit by a nightblind SUV driver in some deserted late-night cul-de-sac.

The biggest issue? Price. This honker is $95, which makes it worth more than my bike. However, it’s made of milled aluminum and it’s completely self-contained. Plus you never have to take it off because it’s secured to your seat post.

Don’t want to spend so much? Don’t you worry. $30 gets you:

Come to our Launch party and get a tour of our shop where we’ll be producing all of the Blink / Steady bike lights! If you’re lucky we’ll fire up the cryogenic freezer and make some frozen bourbon drinks and icecream.

Mmmm… bourbon drinks.

Anyway, they’re about $5,000 in on a $35,000 request, so get cracking.

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