Too Cold For Coachella? Watch Couchella On YouTube

It is freaking cold here in Indio California, so cold that half of the folks in the house I’m staying with for the weekend left the Coachella music festival last night around 9pm. Even though I stayed until midnight (made it to Swedish House Mafia, yesss!), I ended up buying an ugly $60 Coachella hoodie to not freeze my buns off. A LOT of people now own this hoodie, I think we should totally pass it on to our kids.

In lieu of watching Coachella live, my de facto PGA Villa roommates — who have paid hundreds of dollars for their VIP tickets mind you — have been instead addicted to the livestream on YouTube, sitting in front of our fireplace at home until the wee hours of the night. Brave New Musical Festival world we live in. This is actually the second year that YouTube has livestreamed the festival, and as I attest to above people, like normal people, are watching it.

I don’t know how much State Farm Insurance is paying to Coachella or YouTube for the sponsorship, but it is seriously money well spent. So if you’re into it, you can run your own Couchella through¬†midnight Sunday, April 15, getting your fill of live Radiohead, Miike Snow, Andrew Bird, Florence + The Machine, Bon Iver, Gotye and more on the humble website. I mean, that’s what we’re doing.

One of these days YouTube/Google is going to pull in the SuperBowl and/or the World Cup and change the game for online video. Until then, baby steps. You can watch the livestream here.