Open Office Hours With TechCrunch Europe

Doing meetups and attending conferences is great for uncovering new startups and entrepreneurs, but sometimes you just want to sit down over coffee for a few minutes and explain what you’re doing. So I’m starting a new series of one-to-one sessions which will hopefully be fairly regular (schedule allowing). I’ll be doing “Open Office Hours” sessions at various locations associated with startups, and as I’m based in London that’s where I’ll mainly be doing them. The idea is you apply for a slot and wait for confirmation. This isn’t about long meetings, it’s more about getting a quick heads-up and then following up later. Next week I’ll be at startup space White Bear Yard, home to Passion Capital and a number of their startups. You can sign up for a slot here (April 16). The next session after that will be at Innovation Warehouse, slots here (May 1st), and after that at Campus London, sign up here (June 11). To follow other sessions, here’s my OHours profile or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.