Stumbling Gets More Social: StumbleUpon Releases Facebook Timeline App

Content discovery service StumbleUpon is the latest company hoping to claim some space in your Facebook Timeline.

A StumbleUpon spokesperson says the thinking behind Timeline integration is pretty straightforward: It’s “based on our finding that many of our users find Stumbling more enjoyable when the things they discover become social objects” — and Timeline is a “frictionless” way to make that happen. That also means StumbleUpon is about to get a lot more exposure on Facebook.

As for what that looks like in practice, it should be pretty similar to many other Timeline apps. The app will post to Facebook every time you follow a new Interest, Channel, or Stumbler, and every time you Like a piece of content that you discover on StumbleUpon (multiple updates will be consolidated into post so that they don’t totally overwhelm everything else).

Of course, StumbleUpon is part of a much larger flood of Timeline apps. Facebook announced the first big wave back in January, and a month ago it said that there were 3,000 Timeline apps.

StumbleUpon users who want to activate the Timeline integration can go to their Settings page and either connect their account to Facebook (if they haven’t already) or select “add my activity to Facebook Timeline.”