Google Biz Chief: Over 10M Websites Now Using Google Analytics

It’s Google Q1 earnings day, and because we all know that you have better things to do than listen to executives dryly read prepared statements, we’re taking one for the team and keeping you in the know about the important stuff. Google beat Q1 expectations, reporting revenues of $10.65B and a net income of $2.9B. During the company’s earnings call, Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora touched on the progress of the company’s top products, in particular sharing one interesting stat about Google Analytics — that more than 10 million websites are now using Google’s cross-platform website stats service.

Google’s cloud-based web apps have continued to grow in popularity, especially among casual users and small businesses. Google Analytics has in many ways led the charge there, thanks to its ease of use and high-level dashboard that make it easy for any old Joe to track traffic across websites, social media, mobile products, and dive into marketing campaign conversion rates, etc.

According to W3, among the big analytics players, Google Analytics has about 82 percent market share and is used by more than 55 percent of the top 10,000 websites.

This time last year, the company revealed a new look for Google Analytics, adding multi-channel funnels, realtime, flow visualization, and later released a premium product as well. It continued to build on its feature set for both earlier this month, allowing users to send analytics reports to themselves or other members of the team within the suite. Users can now schedule those reports at regular intervals via email, or export a PDF.

While Arora didn’t share stats on how many of Google Analytics’ customers are paying for its premium, the team expressed that it was pleased by the progress of both its free and premium offerings.

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