Screw University, Course Hero Curates YouTube Into Free Business and Coding Classes

You can learn just about anything from YouTube…if you’re willing to dig through millions of videos. Luckily, Course Hero has done the work for you, offering coherent classes by hosting collections of the best educational YouTube videos and other content. The newly launched courses section of the eduTech startup’s site now has classes in entrepreneurship, business plan development, and programming in a variety of languages. Meanwhile, Course Hero offers crowdsourced study guides, tutoring, and flashcards.

Khan Academy is great, but isn’t as scalable since it create the content itself. By drawing from YouTube and other openly available education, Course Hero plans to set up courses for anything it, or you, can think of. And if the pursuit of knowledge wasn’t enough, students who complete its Entrepreneurship path can enter a business plan competition whose winner will get to pitch to Course Hero investor Ron Conway / SV Angel.