Pinterest Rolls Out Vimeo Integration For More Video Pinning Pleasure

Pinterest is increasingly not just for photos anymore. The company today announced that users can now pin Vimeo videos on the virtual pinboard site. This is the second video integration available on Pinterest — the site rolled out support for YouTube videos back in August 2011.

The Vimeo integration could very well push video pinning to a new level of usage. Vimeo is known for attracting videos from a more artsy and design-conscious crowd, and its aesthetic should plug in perfectly with Pinterest’s passionately visual user base. It’ll be interesting to watch how video grows on Pinterest going forward.

Pinterest announced the new Vimeo integration in a post on its company blog:

“The Pin It bookmarklet can now pin Vimeo videos in addition to YouTube! Pinning from Vimeo works the same way that pinning from YouTube does, so if you haven’t already, install the Pin It bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar following the directions here. Then you can pin from and from pages that have embedded Vimeo videos.”

Meanwhile, the incredibly popular Pinterest is widely understood to be the belle of the ball in the eyes of the industry’s most powerful venture capitalists, with investment offers on the table that would value the company at a reported $1 billion. But today’s new feature release shows that the Pinterest team is staying focused on the product development that made it such a star in the first place, despite the buzz about what’s happening on the company’s corporate side.