Leaked In-Store Signage Says B&N Is Prepping A Nook Simple Touch Reader With GlowLight

It looks as if B&N will beat Amazon to market with the first front-lit e-reader. The image here is by way of The Digital Reader and suggests B&N is set to launch an updated Nook Simple Touch Reader sooner verses later. Called The Nook Simple Touch Reader with GlowLight, the signage advertises a Nook with an illuminated screen. This comes just days after Devin spied a very similar Kindle.

The Kindle Devin spotted used a front-lit screen that produced an even glow over the screen. “The screen lit up evenly with a rather cool light,” he said and went on to describe that the glow increased in intensity as the ambient light decreased. Seeing how this speculation is based on in-store signage, it’s unclear how the B&N version will work but it must be similar. The signage advertises a Nook Simple Touch Reader with GlowLight.

The timing is right for a new Nook reader. The last generation was introduced on June 1, 2011. The new hardware is probably done. B&N is likely putting the final touches on the marketing plan and will release the new models within the coming weeks.

Buyers might have to wait a bit longer for a similar Kindle product. Amazon tends to release its e-readers in the fall and the model Devin played with was housed in a cardboard box, which seems to state it has to travel down the development road a bit farther.