Amazon Now Lets You Trade In Your Old CDs In Exchange For Gift Cards

Online retailer Amazon is extending its Trade-In Program today to also cover CDs – you know, those round, shiny things collecting dust in the back of your closet? Starting now, customers can send in their old CDs to Amazon in exchange for Gift Cards, which can then used to purchase anything on, including, of course, any of Amazon’s 19 million MP3’s.

The Amazon Trade-In Program, for those unfamiliar, is a service that allows customers to send in items to a third-party merchant in exchange for Amazon gift cards. The program currently supports a wide variety of merchandise including movies, textbooks, video games, electronics (including phones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, non-Kindles, laptops, etc.), and more. The items can be packed up and shipped in one box, so if you want to throw your old iPod on top of your CD collection, you can now do that too.

Trade-ins take somewhere between 6 to 10 business days to process, depending on how you shipped them in (e.g., UPS, Post Office). Once verified, you’ll be notified that your item was accepted by the merchant, which you can track in your Trade-In account.

Although the addition of CDs to the program is being announced this morning, the Trade-in website isn’t yet showing them as an option when you go to list an item, nor are they available yet for browsing through in the site’s navigation. Update: the site has gone live.

Also currently unavailable is pricing information – that is, how much you’ll be able to get for your CDs once sent in. Surely pricing will be variable depending on artist, we would guess. After all, your Beatles CD will probably sell fast…your Barry Manilow, not so much.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for more details on this, and will update when we hear back.

Update, 1 PM ET: We’ve been calling and emailing Amazon all day to get pricing details. No response. But for what it’s worth, when listing a new CD for sale (as a merchant), it goes for around $2.00.

Update: 6 PM ET: Finally! The site has gone live. Here’s what Amazon says about pricing:

“Values will be determined based on the individual CD; you can search titles to see the costs.

Items that don’t meet the product description or eligibility criteria are considered not acceptable and will be subject to the Trade-In Return Terms and Conditions. Rejected Items that are eligible for return will be shipped to you within 14 days after receipt, at no cost to you. Rejection reasons and shipping progress tracking for the return package can be viewed from Your Trade-In Account.”

Image credit: miskan, flickr