Wants To Connect You With Your Idols

Maybe you love Tim Tebow. Or maybe it’s Lady Gaga that tickles your fancy. Whoever the celebrity may be, we’re all huge fans at one point or another, which is why a new startup out of The Fort in D.C. is ready to connect you to your idols in new and interesting ways.

It’s pretty simple: You hop on over to, and you’ll instantly see a few featured experiences. One that certainly grabbed my eye while writing up this post was an opportunity to “Pillage Startup Treasures” with Paul Singh of 500 Startups. Celebrities range from famous Polish celebrities to sports stars to actors to really anyone that makes you go: “Holy Shit! That was (insert celebrity name here)! Take a pic! Quick!”

The company just launched a few days ago so there isn’t a ton of inventory on the site just yet, but luckily there’s a feature that may help with that. Huge Fan has a dream machine-style offering, that lets you enter in your perfect experience with a celebrity which just may come to fruition.

After signing up, you can “Request an Experience” in mad lib format. All you have to do is fill in the blanks of the following sentence: I want to (blank) with (blank). For some that means attending an off-Broadway play with Kristin Chenoweth, while others are more interested in playing poker and drinking single malt scotch with Christopher Walken. To each his own, right?

The site is still in beta, but under the watchful eye of The Fort (an incubator we met with on our DC mini meet-up road trip), it wouldn’t be a surprise to see HugeFan blossom into a successful little site.