Here’s Lenovo’s Latest Android Tablet, The 9.7-inch IdeaTab S2109

Lenovo is keeping the Ice Cream Sandwich social rocking with its upcoming IdeaTab S2109. Inside the sleek 8.9mm thick casing is a 9.7-inch 4:3 IPS LCD with a 1.3MP camera sunk into the bezel. Four speakers reside on the backside, which Lenovo claims will help with bass reproduction, therefore capable of producing a richer sound. There’s also a microUSB port, microHDMI, and a microSD card slot for connectivity options.

Lenovo has yet to reveal the rest of the tablet’s pertinent information: processor type or speed, release date, price point, and target markets. However, when the tablet does hit the market, it will further strengthen Lenovo’s already-strong tablet lineup and likely replace the original IdeaPad Tablet K1.

Out of the major Android tablet market, Lenovo has been the most consistent with its offering. Lenovo’s tablets have always been priced well and featured enough standout features to make them a bit special in the crowded Android market. The S2109 will hopefully follow the same path.