Former Clearwell And CenterRun CEO Aaref Hilaly Joins Sequoia Capital As Partner

Sequoia Capital is announcing a new partner today—former Clearwell and CenterRun CEO Aaref Hilaly. At Sequoia, Hilaly will focus on investing and working with enterprise, internet, and mobile companies.

Hilaly was formerly the CEO of enterprise-class eDiscovery management platform maker Clearwell systems, which was acquired by Symantec last year for $410 million. While at Clearwell, Hilaly helped the company grow from small group of engineers into a profitable company with over $80 million in annual revenue.

Prior to leading Clearwell, Hilaly was the Founder and CEO of data center automation company CenterRun, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003. Hilaly is no stranger to Sequoia—both Clearwell and CenterRun had raised funding from the firm. Considering Hilaly’s success rate and experience in the enterprise, sounds like a talent win for the firm.