Google’s Chrome OS Will Soon Look More Like Windows Than A Browser

It's hard to say how popular <a href="">Chrome OS</a>, Google's browser-centric operating system, really is. There can be little doubt, though, that Google is quite

Adobe Online Ad Report: Search Spending Up 16 Percent, Mobile Traffic Quadrupled

Search may not be the most exciting area of online advertising right now, but it's still "the biggest driver of return on investment", according to a new report from Adobe. The report has the elabo

Foxconn Bears The Brunt Of Ivory Tower Assault On Capitalism

Recent <a href="">media reports about working conditions</a> in App

From 0 To $1 Billion In Two Years: Instagram’s Rose-Tinted Ride To Glory

Even now, it's still shocking how the remarkably low distribution costs of the web can change a founder's fate overnight. Many startups are duds, and most grow at a clip that's just not fast enough to

Xfire Hires Former Tencent Exec As CEO, Now Supports Chinese Language In-Game Chat

<a href="">Xfire</a> has had a bumpy road over the last five-plus years. Back in 2006, Viacom bought Xfire for $102 million. In 2010, <a href="

Meet Chris Cheng, The Googler Who Moonlights As A Primetime TV Sharpshooter [TCTV]

Sure, everyone knows that many techies love <em>video games</em> that involve shooting. But when you think of real-life expert marksmen, you usually think of people who have served in the military or

The Rat Race

When I was in college, I had a fixation on weight lifting. Like many other young men, I was obsessed with working out, with a disproportionate concentration on upper body muscle building exercise. Des

Marriott Puts An End To Shady Ad Injection Service

Late last week, one Justin Watt <a href="">discovered </a>something suspicious going on with the wi-fi at his hotel, the Times Square Ma

Facestagram: Five New Features Facebook + Instagram Could Launch

Picture being able to filter your Facebook photos, or use your Instagrams as Facebook Checkins. Though Instagram will remain its own "independent" app, its <a href="

This Is What Change Looks Like: Washington, D.C. Mini Meet-Up

It'd be easy to forget, but startups <em>do</em> exist, and even prosper, outside of Silicon Valley. John and I believe firmly in this, and have thus decided to venture forth and find technology gems

Valley to Detroit: Motor City Woos Laid-Off Yahoo Employees

Last week, Yahoo announced that it would <a href="">cut 2,000 jobs</a>. Given the employee shortage in Silico

Twitter Nabs Former Salesforce Exec Chris Fry As VP Of Engineering

After <a href="">hiring a new VP of Communications</a>, Twitter is adding key engineering staff. Chris Fry, a former exec at Salesforce, has

Jack Tramiel, Founder Of Commodore International, Dies At 83

Jack Tramiel, one of the PC industry's major pioneers, <a href="">has died</a>. He was

NYC Considering Installing Enormous Touchscreens Instead Of Pay Phones

The Big Apple is looking into upgrading its existing pay phones, and a pilot study is underway that replaces everyone's favorite anachronism with something a little more 21st-century: giant touchscree

HTML5 Features Can Drive Up Mobile Websites’ Usage By Up To 28%

If your mobile site still mostly consists of static pages, maybe it's time for an upgrade. According to new data from <a href="">Usablenet</a>, adding just a few interactive e

AT&T Going Big With Lumia 900 Advertising, Could Spend As Much as $150 Million

Well, after months of breathless waiting (and a Nicki Minaj concert in Times Square), Nokia's Lumia 900 is finally sitting pretty on store shelves. If you haven't heard about AT&T's newest handset

Insta-Backlash: Twitterverse Overreacts To Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition, Users Delete Accounts

Not everyone is happy about <a href="">Facebook's acquisition of Instagram this morning</a>, it seems. In an apparent <a

Two More Years: Microsoft Reminds Windows XP Users That It’s About Time To Upgrade

Windows XP, the operating system that launched in 2001 and just refuses to die, will still be getting security updates and hotfixes until April 8, 2014. With "just" two more years to go, though, Micro

Windows Phone Has A Nasty Porn Addiction

Windows Phone has a widely known downside: It lacks 3rd party apps. Sure, the major ones are there in Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and even Spotify, Rdio and Reddit browsers. But besides apps from b

Future Versions of Firefox Could Feature Built-In Video Chat

For a while now, Mozilla has been looking beyond the core browser features to expand Firefox's capabilities. Last week, the Firefox team showed an interesting new demo at the <a href="https://www.ietf
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