Kickstarter: Help Fund A Film On The Story Of Social Media

SoMe is a film about the rise (and fall?) of social media. Produced by web rabble-rouser and satirist, Loren Feldman, the film will feature Feldman’s signature puppet act (it will be cool, I promise) and interviews with and segments about web luminaries like:

Julia Allison, Michael Arrington, Steve Ballmer, Henry Blodget, Chris Brogan, Robert Bruce, Paul Carr, Pete Cashmore, Brian Clark, Ron Conway, Henry Copland, Jay Cuthrell, Mike Daisey, Barry Diller, Jack Dorsey, Dan Farber, Steve Gillmor, Paul Graham, MC Hammer, Shel Israel, Andrew Jecklin, Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Loic LeMeur, Jakob Lodwick


Feldman is an experienced film producer and comedian and he knows where all the bodies are buried so it may be a good time when it all comes together. He’s asking for $50,000 to fund the project and he’s already hit $5,000 or so with six days left. Here’s hoping he resurrects the Hendrickson puppet.

Project Page