Keen On… The Economist: How Innovation Can Solve The Planet’s Most Wicked Problems [TCTV]

Daniel Franklin is the Executive Editor of The Economist magazine and one of the sponsors of last week’s excellent Innovation event at UC Berkeley’s Haas School. He is also author of the new book, Megachange: The World in 2050 which imagines the major economic, scientific and political challenges and opportunities to come over the next 40 years. So how important is the Internet, I asked Franklin when we talked last week, in solving some of what he calls “the wicked problems” of the planet? And, I asked him, what can Silicon Valley learn from the rest of the world in terms of coming up with innovative technological solutions to the world’s most pressing problems?

This is the final interview in the series of conversations from the Innovation event. Check out my other interviews from the event including those with Stewart Brand, Clay Christensen, Don Tapscott and Vivek Wadhwa.