How The JOBS Act Will Change The Tech World (And Beyond) [TCTV]

In a press event today held at the White House, President Obama just signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (which cleverly has the acronym of the JOBS Act) into law, sealing the deal on a bill that has been supported for months by a group of the technology industry’s most influential players.

Like most legislation, the JOBS Act has a lot of moving parts to it — it changes who can invest in private businesses, how companies proceed toward initial public offerings on the stock market, what startups can say when they’re in the process of fundraising, how many shareholders a company can have before it starts reporting finances to the SEC, and more. So we sat down with Ryan Caldbeck, the founder and CEO of equity investment marketplace CircleUp, to find out how this will impact the tech industry and the larger business ecosystem. Caldbeck’s current company is directly affected by the crowdfunding aspect of the JOBS Act, and he previously worked for years in the financial industry, so he is a good person to talk to about this issue.

Watch the interview above to hear about what the next steps are now that the JOBS Act is now law, how traditional Silicon Valley VCs and angel investors are feeling about the advent of crowdfunding, how this could affect the IPO market, what regulations should still be put in place to protect regular people, and more.