By The Numbers: Larry Page’s First Year as Google’s CEO

Google has historically been paranoid about any numbers it publicly releases. For many years even after it was publicly traded, the management triumvirate including Larry Page had to personally approve any numbers the company issued to the public, a policy I believe still stands.

So it’s worth pointing out all the figures the company has decided to share in a letter to investors that caps off Page’s first year at CEO:

30: The number of products Google has shut down this year, including Knol and Sidewiki.
120: The number of Google+ integrations, which unsurprisingly mostly involve Google products.
100 million: The number of active Google+ users. Is this a sign of health? Or that Page is out of touch with reality and perhaps should be using a different engagement metric? Discuss.
850,000: Android devices activated per day. (It’s an old number from Mobile World Congress in February.)
55: The number of Android manufacturing partners.
300: The number of Android carrier partners.
200 million: The number of Chrome users. (Also an old number.)
350 million: Number of Gmail users.
 The number of enterprise and educational customers that sign up for Gmail every day.
800 million: The number of monthly YouTube users.
$2.5 billion: The run-rate for the mobile advertising business in the third quarter of 2011.
2.5x: Growth over mobile advertising revenue in the same time period two years earlier.
$30 billion: Amount that Google has cumulatively paid out to content publishers on the web through the AdSense program.
64: Number of languages supported in Google Translate.
4,032: Language pairs supported by Google Translate.
200,000: The number of miles Google’s self-driven cars have driven.