Let Your Nerd Flag Fly With This Linux Distro Sim Game

It’s OK. We’re all dorks here. We know you get into forum arguments over Gnome vs. KDE (I’m a KDE man, myself, because Gnome sucks) and we know that you’ve always wanted to fork your own Ubuntu distro but you just didn’t have the time and a sufficient amount of Club Mate.

Never fear: now you can pretend to build your own Linux distro from the comfort of your computer by playing Linux Tycoon, the world’s premier Linux distribution packaging simulator.

That’s right: thanks to the Internet, you can now play a game about making your own Linux distro.

While, for most people, Linux Tycoon is obviously not as fun as, say, watching paint dry, the game costs a mere $4 and simulates organizing a team of programmers, picking and compiling packages, and then distributing code. The creator, Bryan Lunduke, explains it thus: “basically take all the fun parts of building your own Linux Distro… and take out all the work. Bam! Instant entertainment!”

Bam, indeed. If you have what it takes to build your own Linux distro, lets see you do it, smart guy. It costs $4. Take a chance. Folks who purchase now will get updates to the game as it evolves. If you don’t grab it now, you probably have better ways to spend your workday. The choice is yours.