YouDazzle Launches As A Simple File Sharing And Web Meeting Platform For SMBs

A new startup, YouDazzle, is taking on the file sharing space today with the launch of its cloud-based collaboration, storage and online meeting platform. The company has also announced a round of seed funding from Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social+Capital Partnership, and other undisclosed angels.

The cloud based SaaS allows businesses to organize project or deal related files in a central online repository that customers or colleagues can access from anywhere and from any device; share large files that are too large to send via email; and conduct screen sharing and web meetings via YouDazzle.

Besides having an odd name for a business-focused cloud storage platform, YouDazzle also integrates with Dropbox, and claims secure, branded rooms that allow users to view files and comment at any time via any device. Pricing starts at $19.99 for 1 host and 20 GB of storage, web meetings, analytics and branding or $39.99 for 3 hosts, screen sharing and 60 GB of storage.

One unique aspect of YouDazzle’s model is in its sales distribution strategy. Instead of employing an in-house sales team, the company is building an outside salesforce similar. Similar to the way that Avon makeup representatives sell the company’s makeup independently, YouDazzle is building a┬áteam of “YouDazzle Cloud Consultants,” who will sell the product. The startup will train these individuals to not only sell the service but also be able to work with customers and teams to get them up and running, answer questions, troubleshoot and more.