Shazam Can Now Identify Your Content In As Little As A Second

Shazam has long been described as magic. You hear a song — perhaps a brand new one or maybe one that you’ve heard a million times but never knew the name of — and all you do is simply tap one button and information on that song is delivered directly to you.


But even magicians improve their act, which is why Shazam has today released an update that makes its content recognition even faster than it already is, with some tags appearing in as little as a second. The update will make all of Shazam’s iOS apps, including its Encore and (RED) apps, speedier in terms of content recognition, but there are a few other tweaks coming with the update.

The UI has been revamped a bit, though nothing more than aesthetic improvements pops out at me. Sharing has also been improved, to allow for personal notes or comments when sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Spanish language support has been added for South America, and unlimited tagging is still on the table.

In January, Shazam launched yet another app called Shazam Player to highlight the LyricPlay feature we’ve heard so much about. I had thought that the company might be spreading itself too thin, or at the very least, losing focus on their core service. But today’s update only proves that my concern was misplaced — obviously the folks over at Shazam know that identifying a song as quickly as possible is what made Shazam great in the first place.