Help Recreate Leisure Suit Larry For The 21st Century

Back in the olden days of gaming, it was either feast or famine. You had simple, kiddie stuff like Super Mario Brothers or you had Flight Simulator, a game that included a manual thicker than the Chicago phone book. But what about the casual, adult gamer who wanted a fun adventure involving a little risque ribaldry? Bupkus.

Until Leisure Suit Larry from Sierra came along. And Leisure Suit Larry is coming along again.

This $500,000 Kickstarter project aims to recreate LSL using the latest in graphics technology and the original game’s author, Al Lowe, will be helping to regenerate his besuited cad. The creators, Replay Games, have gained control of the original game and they’re hoping to make a Larry for this brave new century.

Fifteen dollars gets you a digital copy of the game while $10,000 gets you:

No Free Lunch Edition: For $10,000, we’ll create a memory that will last a lunchtime. You will be flown (domestic airfare only) to Seattle to enjoy lunch, dinner, or a morning-after breakfast with Leisure Suit Larry’s Mommy’s Baby Daddy, Mr. Al Lowe himself. He’ll sign whatever you want him to sign (except IRS forms and blank checks), answer all your questions about life, tell you some dirty jokes, and, best of all, he’ll do something that he’s never done before in the history of the world: he’ll pick up the check! We’ll put you up overnight and send you back home happy, fed, and loaded down with all the goodies from the Signed Edition reward tier and below. We’ll even give you the entire chocolate factory for your very own…oh, wait a minute, that’s a whole different licensed property.

Get cracking, people. Those pixelated ladies of the evening won’t wait around for you forever.

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