Goodsie Lets Small Retailers Set Up Sleek E-Commerce Storefronts

Goodsie, a startup founded by the parent company of, wants to provide a simple, and relatively inexpensive way for any merchant to set up an e-commerce storefront. The platform, which launched last year, is getting an upgrade today with the release of a number of new tools that help retailers increase customer engagement and cross-platform engagement.

A new email marketing system allows retailers to send targeted campaigns to customers based on order history, purchase amount and geography. The feature gives retailers the ability to add personalization to the mix, but without having to spend massive amounts of money on data analysis. Via a drag-and-drop interface, merchants can create these email campaigns that integrate with Goodsie’s backend. Goodsie also provides a simple form for customers to sign-up for emails.

Additionally, Goodsie is debuting real-time sales analytics that allows merchants to track revenue and order volume by item, geography, referring source and sales channel (i.e., direct, Facebook Store). Sellers can also see conversion metrics for repeat purchase rates, coupon redemption, and product-level click-through rates.

These features are available via Goodsie for $40 per month and there are no limits on subscriber list size or monthly emails. The startup has also added the ability for store owners to customize the look and feel of their storefronts for mobile.

As founder Jonathan Marcus explains, many of these features are offered to enterprise-level e-commerce companies, but not to smaller merchants. Small businesses and brands are adopting Goodsie at a rapid clip, and in the last month alone Goodsie has seen a 37% increase in gross merchandise sale (seller revenue).