Dropcam Begins Shipping The $149 Dropcam HD WiFi Security Camera

Dropcam is back with its second and most advanced security camera. Introduced back at CES 2012, the Dropcam HD is finally ready to ship and delivered within 5-7 business days. It’s quite a good bargin, too.

Not much has changed since we first looked at the unit in early January. This model does 30 fps, night vision, two-way audio and 16x the resolution as the original Dropcam Echo. The live video is accessible for free through a cloud service and where for $9.99 a month Dropcam also offers a DVR functionality. At $149 it’s priced very aggressively against other products with a smaller feature set.

By shipping this second product, Dropcam has officially made a dent in the startup hardware field. It takes a lot to ship a first product, but it’s even harder to stick around long enough to ship a second. As Dropcam’s CEO Greg Duffy explains in the interview with TechCrunch’s John Biggs below, don’t ship before it’s ready. It’s never too late to launch a great product.