Join Wil Wheaton And Friends In A Rousing Tabletop Gaming Session

If you’re a fan of Grant Imahara, Wil Wheaton, Jenna Busch, or Sean Plott, this may be just the trick. Wheaton and Felicia Day have created a new series called Tabletop which consists of a series of gamers playing tabletop games. Is it boring, you ask? Absolutely not.

The Internet is full of self-described geeks and if you are too high and mighty to enjoy a set of cultural heroes and gamers having fun around a table in a wood-panelled basement, then you need to turn in your geek card right now. The game they’re playing, Small World, is complex and fun and the comedic repartee is pretty darn cute. Great success!

You can subscribe to the videos here and watch Wil Wheaton tweet to your childhood crushes on Twitter.

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